Lipedema treatment, save through smart Precautions
Lipedema is not something you have to put up with. With the lipo-protect follow-up cost insurance, you only pay for what makes you more beautiful.
lipo-protect | Follow-up cost insurance for lipedema treatment
lipo-protect - your insurance in case of complications after surgery
Why should you opt for follow-up cost insurance? Lipedema is not yet considered a disease by many health insurance companies. They do pay for a range of treatments, but rarely for surgical procedures such as liposuction - even though these procedures would be most effective against lipedema.
However, what many do not know: The health insurance company pays just as little for interventions in the event of complications that arise as a result of lipedema treatment surgery - and which naturally also cause high costs. With follow-up cost insurance, you are covered in the worst case and do not pay a cent extra.
When do you need lipo-protect?
I do not want to worry about additional costs
With lipo-protect, follow-up costs resulting from required treatments are covered. So you only pay for your treatment and leave the rest to us.
I want to be protected from follow-up costs even years later
You decide how long you want to use lipo-protect. After a minimum term of one year, you can cancel on a monthly basis. Otherwise, you remain insured for any complications that may arise.
I do not want to pay too much at once
For lipo-protect, we offer a monthly payment mode. The premium is then conveniently debited from your account by direct debit. Starting as low as 7.90 EUR per month.
10'000 € Private service
For medically necessary treatment by private physicians
250'000 € Sum insured
As a result of a voluntary operation, your health insurance fund must then take recourse against you in accordance with §52 of the German Social Code, Book V (SGB V). In other words, it will demand reimbursement from you for the expenses you have incurred. We will reimburse you for this recourse claim.
Why you should choose lipo-protect
  • Simple online application without hidden costs

  • All your treatments are covered

  • Fast claims settlement in the event of a complication

  • High sum insured

  • Open-ended term for as long as you desire, cancellable at any time.
Clear and understandable: your insurance documents
General Conditions (GCI)
Our General Insurance Conditions (AVB) provide a detailed overview of the conditions, benefits and exclusions of our lipo-protect insurance. This document is critical to clarify understanding and expectations regarding insurance coverage, coverage and procedures in the event of a claim.
Productinformation Sheet IPID
The Insurance Product Information Sheet (IPID) is a clear and understandable summary of the most important information about our lipo-protect insurance. Its purpose is to provide a quick overview of key features, benefits and possible limitations of the insurance product.
Please contact us if you have any questions or would like personal advice. (we speak English)