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Collective protection and clarity for all your patients.
Transparency, openness and detailed information form the basis for the relationship of trust between doctor and patient. With ClinicProtect, you also have the opportunity to convey a feeling of security, at least as far as the financial risks of aesthetic surgery are concerned.
Group contract with beautyprotect: collective coverage and clarity for all your patients
How doctor and clinics benefit from ClinicProtect
Risks or complications are unpleasant topics that you would prefer to leave out of the dialog with your patients. After all, you know your craft and have great confidence in yourself and your abilities. You want to transfer this to your patients as far as possible. However, as the attending physician, you must inform them comprehensively about everything that can happen during cosmetic surgery.
Offer more!
Add a positive touch to these educational talks by offering your patients a solution directly - just in case. Usually, many patients are not aware that follow-up treatments involve extra costs that are not covered by the initial treatment contract. Secondly, they do not know that the health insurance company may demand reimbursement. Therefore, they are also unaware of follow-up cost insurances that could at least protect them from these financial risks of the operation.
6 good reasons for ClinicProtect
  • You can offer your patients an additional service, because they will get the insurance through you at a discounted rate.
  • In case of complications, you are part of the (financial) solution, not the originator.
  • Claims can be handled quickly and digitally in the interest of everyone.
  • Patients do not incur additional costs beyond the original treatment contract.
  • In the event of complications, they remain the person of trust and care - as a rule, insured patients also have the follow-up treatments carried out by their first-choice physician.
  • This means that in the end you have satisfied patients - even if a risk actually occurs. This is the best advertising for you.
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Leader in the European insurance industry for complications
Years of experience protecting certified plastic surgeons and their patients
>17.000.000 EUR
Amount of complications paid by beautyprotect to date

95% of all claims are settled within 24 hours.
50.000 EUR
Possible costs of a complication
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Our ClinicProtect services for you at a glance
Your own ClinicProtect tariff
We design a ClinicProtect tariff that is individually tailored to your needs and requirements, including support in the event of a claim. The benefits you derive from this customized offer can be passed on directly to your patients.
Beauty Business Partner account
You get access to our physician portal, where you can manage your patients and keep track of all activities, including the status quo of claims.
We put together the necessary information for your customers. This includes flyers and brochures, for example. This means you have everything you need for the information session.
ClinicProtect, your tool for more trust, safety and quality
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